Mass “Here I Am”

Patrick Richard Mass “Here I Am”

Lyrics and music: Patrick Richard
Arrangement for mixed choir: Florian Desbans

Mass “Here I Am”
Mass “Here I Am”
Mass “Here I Am”
Mass “Here I Am”
Mass “Here I Am”

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To accompany the year 2015, the year of Consecrated Life announced by Pope Francis, “Consecrated life” Association asked me to write a Mass.

The entrance chant is an invitation to the singular, to be present in a special way in the community of believers. He opens the celebration when we gather quickly and we recognize ourselves as a people for the Kyrie … and the rest of the celebration … until the Offertory where I use the “I” of St. Teresa of Avila that inspired me the text (that’s the affirmation of a singular in History, in a Tradition).

Thereby “Here I Am” rejoin the “Here” (Gospel acclamation, and Agnus) that are offered to us as a proclamation of faith … Likewise in Kyrie, the “Here I Am” are induced as response to the proclamation of “You, the True Word,” “You, the True Light,” “You, our Hope.”

I sincerely hope that each performer, each soloist, from the choir or the congregation can do its own momentum as was mine when I wrote: giving to the text his heart, his intelligence, his melody, his voice.

Patrick Richard